Request a FREE Portfolio Analysis

A portfolio analysis is a written document we will provide to you that summarizes the potential good and bad points of your existing investment portfolio.  An analysis includes…

  • A moral audit based on Biblical principles
  • Overall investment allocation
  • In-depth individual investment analysis
  • Overall costs and fees
  • Management services

Our free portfolio analysis will equip you with the knowledge necessary to make decisions about your investment accounts.

How to request a portfolio analysis

To get started, fax (501.623.9841) us a copy of your investment account statement or complete the form below.  It is also helpful if we know how you’d like your money to be invested.  Are you aggressive, conservative, or somewhere in between?  Use the “Notes” section in the form below to let us know.

Investment Analysis and Moral Audit Form

  • If you haven’t uploaded a copy of your statement, enter your investments below and how much is invested in each (if known).