Salt and Light Finances

We are thrilled to introduce Salt and Light Finances, our newest ministry workshop!  Designed for churches and small groups, this workshop teaches and challenges Christians to glorify God through their finances!  Our conviction for this workshop comes from the idea that we are called to be salt and light to this world; we are to be different.  People should see Christian families and think, “That is what I want my family to look like!”  They should see the truth that is in us by observing our relationships with others, our responses to the world around us, and yes, how we handle our finances.  Yet, sadly, statistics show that we don’t look very different from the world around us.  Perhaps, in contrast to our calling, we have let the world influence us.

What is S&L Finances?

Salt and Light Finances is a series of workshops that can be custom-tailored to your church’s needs. Whether you want a short program for a Sunday evening service, 20 minutes for a small group, or a 4-hour multi-day series, our trained and experienced speakers can design a program for you. S&L Finances teaches Biblical truths and provides practical advice and helpful tools.


We can cover a wide range of Biblical financial principles. Here is a summary of common topics covered in a S&L Finances workshop:

  • Basic stewardship principles
  • Contentment in a greed-filled world
  • The emotional and spiritual difference of God’s people
  • Effective communication in marriage
  • Training your children to become good financial stewards
  • Budgeting and debt reduction tips
  • A Christian view of savings and investments
  • Living a generous life
  • Passing down wealth to heirs, church, and charity

How it Works:

  • First, we help you to promote the workshop to your church members and the local community.
  • A trained speaker comes to your church to present the program.
  • Fill-in-the-blank handouts are provided to all attendees.
  • We do not charge a set fee for our program; however, honorariums and love offerings are appreciated to cover the printing, travel, and food costs incurred.

Why S&L Finances?

When it comes to teaching finances in a church setting, you want someone you can trust. We have been teaching Biblical stewardship principles for almost 10 years. S&L Finances was designed by Todd Sadowski who has taught Biblical financial principles at over 80 churches, seminaries, couples retreats, pastor conferences, and businesses. He has authored a 13-week small group Bible study, has a weekly Biblical finance radio program, and is a monthly guest on a Christian television program. Todd has worked in the financial services industry for 15 years and has been trained in Biblical wealth management.


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The Next Step

To schedule a workshop for your church or small group, just contact us. An event coordinator will be happy to answer your questions and help plan your event. We’ll help you prepare, arrange, and promote the workshop!  Together, we can equip God’s people to be salt and light, impacting our culture for Christ!