Investment Management

Our Investment Philosophy

Rather than look for hot industries, new stock offerings, or guess at market cycles, we use time-proven strategies such as asset allocation, diversification, and continual reviews when developing investment portfolios for our clients. Dedication to risk management is crucial to successful investing. Whether conservative or aggressive, we’re committed to maximizing your return for your desired level of risk. Our professional education and experience has shown that a well-developed portfolio utilizing Modern Portfolio Theory is necessary to create an efficient investment mix.

We feel it is important for you to receive a written document that describes the investments we are recommending for your family. This is why our investment recommendations are provided in a detailed, personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This document will tell you what investments are being recommended, how they were chosen, what kind of performance you should expect, and what type of volatility is likely to occur in good and bad years.

Once an investment account is established, it must be properly maintained. Just because an investment is appropriate for your family today doesn’t necessarily mean it will stay that way. Christian Financial Principles has a very sophisticated system to watch over and maintain your investment choices. Our goal is to maintain a level of integrity in your account for as long as you live. We watch for management changes, style drift, expense ratios, industry diversification, turnover rates, and much more. When these things change, we’ll help you to make adjustments if necessary.

Biblically-Responsible Investing

America has been in a moral decline for quite some time now. Abortion is on the rise, the gay and lesbian lifestyle is becoming more and more prevalent, and “entertainment” via television and radio continues to degrade morals in our country. Christians have become the most discriminated against group in America. Prayer has been taken from school, the Ten Commandments have been taken from court rooms, and pornography is ruining families. We must take a stand!

Many Christians are investing their money into companies that contribute to this moral decline without even knowing it! That is why Christian Financial Principles is so serious about screening investments for Christian values. How can we protest abortion while our very own dollars are being invested into abortion clinics?

Here are the areas we can screen for…

  • Abortion
  • Pornography
  • Anti-family entertainment
  • Same sex lifestyles
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Gambling

At Christian Financial Principles, we look at more than just returns. We look at values. Can we truly be good stewards of God’s wealth without considering morals? Please consider joining Christian Financial Principles and a growing movement of Christians taking a stand for Christian values within their investments. We have the tools to help you do well while doing good – to help you be a good steward not only from a return perspective, but also from a moral and ethical perspective.