The Christian and HIS Finances


This easy-to-read yet thought-provoking 13-week study is a great tool for Sunday School classes, small groups, or your own personal exploration of scripture and how it relates to your finances. Debt levels are out of control, money is the number one cause for divorce, most churches have more “tippers” than “tithers,” and families are falling apart. God has provided us with over 2,300 verses of scripture about money and possessions, which is more than faith and prayer combined! Yet, it is often the least-taught subject in churches and schools today. We live in a country blessed with abundance, however we are notoriously poor money managers. This interactive study will help you develop a Biblically sound foundation for your finances as well as provide you with powerful life-application tools. Very little preparation time needed!


This study series uses a combination of the following:

  • Interesting stories and illustrations
  • Discussion questions to spark interaction
  • Powerful personal testimonies
  • Surprising statistics
  • Informative charts
  • Life-application worksheets
  • ALSO! I’m available to speak at your church before the study to encourage participation. Click here to learn more!

Topics Covered

Here are the chapters found throughout the book and a brief listing of subtopics:

  1. Money
    • slide2Our role as stewards
    • Responsibility in money management
    • Putting money in it’s place
  2. Contentment
    • A competition for man’s heart
    • Greater riches, greater responsibilities
    • Can you buy happiness
    • The Joneses
    • Getting past greed, pride, and envy
  3. Tithes and Offerings
    • What are tithes and offerings?
    • Blessings and curses
    • Today’s statistics
    • Sacrificial giving
  4. Giving Guide
    • Gross or net?
    • The heart of the matter
    • Case studies
    • Consistent persistenceslide
    • Testimonies
  5. Rags or Riches?
    • How should we live?
    • Health and weatlh vs. Asceticism
    • What is God’s plan for your life?
  6. How’s it Flowin?
    • Cash flow
    • What’s your margin?
    • Step-by-step budget guide
  7. Sharing Risk
    • Financial pyramid
    • Biblical look at insurance
    • General insurance tips
  8. Quicksand (aka debt)
    • What is debt?
    • A Biblical view of debt
    • Spiders and marshmallows
    • Today’s statistics
    • Consequences of debt / benefits of cash
  9. Cash Reserves / Liquid Investments
    • Saving vs. hoarding
    • How much is enough?
    • Where to keep it
  10. Investments
    • What is an investment?
    • Good reasons vs. wrong reasons to invest
    • Risk vs return
    • Time value of money
    • The added Christian responsibility
  11. Retirement
    • Is it Biblical?
    • Step-by-step guide to estimating retirement needs
  12. Passing it On
    • How should we pass on wealth to heirs?
    • How to pass down wisdom and values
    • How to teach your children
  13. Making it Happen
    • What keeps us from taking action?
    • Overcoming the obstacles
    • Well done, thou good and faithful servant

¬†Endorsements for “The Christian and HIS Finances”

“One of my great joys is seeing young men and women entering the financial services world who are committed to integrating their faith into all that they do. Todd Sadowski is a young man whom I have gotten to know and believe that God has great plans for him as his commitment to our Lord is passionate. Not only is he passionate in his faith, but he has written a book that integrates his belief system into his financial advice. That advice is sound in every respect, biblically and professionally. It is with great joy that I endorse ‘The Christian and HIS Finances,’ written by Todd Sadowski.”

Ron Blue
President, Christian Financial Professionals Network
Author: “Master Your money,” “Wealth to Last,” “Splitting Heirs,” and more

“It was refreshing to read ‘The Christian and HIS Finances’. Todd Sadowski has a unique way of presenting Biblical truth in a simple and understandable way. He makes clear by instruction and illustration many of God’s principles. This is an excellent overview of the issues related to a Christian’s use of money. Todd has obviously understood how to integrate his faith into his business affairs. Now if only I could find a way to make every young couple read and follow his guidance…”

W. David Moore, Ph.D., CFP
President, Arkansas Baptist Foundation

“This book by Todd Sadowski, ‘The Christian and HIS Finances,’ is a great addition to our Bogard Press Fellowship Bible Study series. Todd’s book offers advice that is practical, proven and biblical. The book is well written and easy to understand. It is a great privilege to publish his first book, that I am sure will prove beneficial to every reader.”

Larry E. Clements
President, Bogard Press

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